By god! Is that the end of the tunnel?

It’s been a long and arduous journey over the last 10 months. Not only have businesses had to contend with the largest health emergency in recent history, commercial disruption has been unprecedented.

Whilst 99% percent of our Backers have remained patient and understanding, there’s obviously been a degree of frustration, and demand for updates has been high, even when there’s no news to give.

Thankfully, due to the fluid way in which we are able to operate our business, the challenges of the last year are almost surmounted; a single component is all we’re waiting for, and as the recent ‘news’ of it’s development does not meet our expectations, we have decided to pay out of our own pocket and circumvent that supplier altogether. Leaving no further obstacles between our Backers and their watch.

…The ‘mission’, was always to meet our pre-Christmas projection of ‘end of January / early February’ for STP Customers and March for our Sellita and Metal Bracelet Customers. Everything seemed to be on course too, then out of nowhere, ‘TIER 4’ was introduced, followed shortly by a full national lockdown which seemingly put us back at square 1.

For those of you who don’t know, we’re waiting for our crowns to be produced… We were using a different supplier for this part, due to us needing access to a fibre laser cutter. Anyway, they’re shut! Probably until March/April. And even though the world IS how it IS, this really isn’t something we can live with, so, as of 30 minutes ago (at the time of writing), we placed a speculative order for a new set of crowns with a Supplier in the Netherlands.

…This means 4 things; 1/ The crown will NOT be made from our realloyed HY-80 (it will more likely be electropolished 316L, although the final decision has not yet been taken on materials). 2/ There may be very slight differences in design, based on the manufacturing capability of our new Supplier. – We will of course, keep you in the loop as the situation progresses. 3/ It will still take time. At great expense to ourselves, we have had the order expedited in the production queue and expect to receive the parts shipment within 30 days. 4/ We’re going to end up with 2 sets of crowns. – We’re not sure what we’re going to do with these yet. Early indications suggest that we’ll post them to our backers once we are in receipt of them. More to follow…