Exclusive Earlybird Sign Up for Ship’s Company; HMS Cornwall.

You won’t find this page on the front end of the site or accessible via search engines. It has been reserved exclusively for those who served on ‘The Cornwall’.

As we’re obviously making a watch out of the old girl’s remains, we think it’s apt and pertinent to offer the first pieces off the line, at the lowest available price, to those who gave their service on our revered frigate.

In fact, if the incoming link for subscribers, has originated anywhere other than a facebook Group or forum that has given us their express permission to publish, then the entry will be omitted from the mailing list, so make sure you’ve come in form the right entry point. It’s difficult to police an aggregated link, but we want to make sure that this offer is received solely by those that it’s intended for.

By signing up here, you’ll get the nod before anyone else, as to when we go live, and access to the Ship’s Company earlybird price (the lowest iteration that we’re able to offer).

Your details will be kept in accordance with current GDPR regulations and will not be moved on to third parties, for any reason whatsoever.