Since you’re here…

In response to recent comments on our Kickstarter page, we’ve created a new section of the website, where non-Facebook Users can see every post and update that they would otherwise miss. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see any community engagement or comments, but the update’s will simply feed to this thread as new blog entries.

If, for some reason, you weren’t aware that we had a thriving Facebook community, then you can join in by following this link:

OK, so let’s address the elephant in the room… From what I’ve seen, there’s two fundamental questions; ‘Why aren’t you providing updates on Kickstarter?’ and ‘Where the **** is my watch?’

We’ll start with the first question…

There’s a number of reasons we don’t want to provide general or specific-production updates through Kickstarter, including, but not limited to:

1/ The ability for ANYONE following the project to see and comment on updates. After funding was achieved, we deemed (and still stand by this), that nothing good can come from engaging with non-backers. We want to provide a forum that is purely focused on Customers and not spend any time with ANYONE else. It is also crucial to us that we protect backer identity whilst allowing them discuss whatever they want, openly and personably.

2/ As well as being publicly visible, the comments, messaging and updates thread is severely limited in functionality. We have formed strong, personal relationships with most of our Customers on the Facebook Group. The very nature of the Update thread on Kickstarter simply doesn’t allow for that.

3/ It’s a spam magnet and playground for toxic Keyboard Warriors who didn’t even back us. Enough said.

…So, where’s the watch? Well, glad you asked, the first batch is close to dispatch.

If you don’t know already, we chose to adopt a phased approach to order fulfilment. Due to a global pandemic and political situation which, believe it or not, are beyond our control, – we took the decision to prioritise rewards based on the chronological availability of components… To facilitate this, we also decided to offer an alternative movement in order to make the watch more rapidly accessible.

…Components that we have to wait for a currently limited to the Sellita SW200-1 movement, and the end links/clasp that form part of the metal Bracelet. In both instances we have offered solutions to help curb the wait for Backers wishing to get their hands on the watch sooner. We’re still apprehensive about releasing an official timeline due to what can only be described as a ‘fluid situation’ , but we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to release one very soon.

So how will this blog work? Well we’ll start by trawling the archives of the facebook page and we’ll list all key updates from the last 6 months in the next entry. You can expect to see that within the next 48 hours. – After that, there will be a feed from facebook to ‘here’, where all key updates will be posted as individual blog entries. Like I mentioned, you won’t be able to see comments from the Facebook Group, but you WILL be able to leave your own comments and we’ll interact with you as much as is humanly possible.

To sign off, I’d like to say; I get that people are frustrated, we’re frustrated! We should be well into our second watch by now and have a thriving retail model, but in the cold light of day, the world shut down for six months and all of the Team at Nardi still had families to support – This essentially means that we’ve had to balance our day jobs with producing the watch. It’s not ideal, but we’re still here, the watch WILL get delivered and you WILL love it. That’s all for now.

15 thoughts on “Since you’re here…

  1. I’m sure that I speak for the members of the excellent FB Group in saying “we’re with you” and “thanks for the updates & consultations over the recent months”.
    Notwithstanding anyone’s personal distaste for FB, the Nardi Watches Group over there is very worthwhile and apart from offering the sought-after updates, it provides a fascinating insight into the processes followed by Mark & the rest of the team as well as the frustrations forced upon them.

  2. Hey Wyatt, thanks for the support. It’s a pretty tough ask, balancing the flow of information with actual production. We get that there’s a tonne of frustration out there; not just with our project but with commerce in general. The world isn’t like it was and ‘staying alive’ is something we never thought we’d have to plan for. So yes, there’s hold up’s, there may even be more, but the only thing we can focus on, is getting the watch out to original spec’. We don’t want to compromise, and even if we do, we’ll offer that compromise as an option, not force it on the Backers… Either way though, the only goal is completion. We DID have plans well beyond this original campaign, but we don’t live in a world where you can really speculate anymore, so one thing at a time for now.

  3. Very happy to get access and read all the updates. Good luck with the last bits of production…
    As you are principally not using KS for updates, I have the same for having FB account, used to have one but cxld years ago. Therefore this alternative comforts me.
    Appreciate it and looking forward to my Nardi… Cheers Paul

  4. Hello all,

    this is a welcome platform to be informed about all the joy and pain surrounding this project. Many thanks

  5. Many thanks for doing this. I greatly dislike “book-face” and refuse to use it. Excited to read the updates and like all, am stoked to get my watch!

  6. Nice to be a part of this community and avoid FB. Looking forward to following along, although the new lockdown in the UK may be problematic.

  7. Thank you Mark for making this possible. I look forward to further updates and of course the watch, along with future projects.
    Good luck

  8. Hello all,

    when can we expect some substantial update, maybe with some pictures, here?

    Greetings, Sascha

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  10. Hello all,

    still no concrete update regarding the status of the watch nor pictures. Pretty disappointing i have to say. I know that times are difficult, but any status info would be easing the waiting a bit.


  11. Hello all, Mark,

    after our last chat on messenger you told me that the first batch of watches should be shipped now.
    Did that happen?
    What is going on? We are all fishing in the dark with no update at all. Not so nice situation.
    I understand that there were troubles along the way, but that should have been resolved by now.

    Pls post some information here.

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