The Nardi HMS-C20 Diver—UK-Built and Smartly Priced (WatchUSeek)

Kickstarter remains flooded with watch projects that make us all cringe, but at the end of last week I stumbled across something interesting; it seems someone—a startup team named Nardi Watches—decided to build a Swiss-powered dive watch from scrap Brit Navy steel, with cases milled in the UK, all for under $600 USD. The best part? It’s actually a good looking watch.

Clearly taking a page from the book of brands like REC Watches and Tockr—both brands who have fashioned dials from noteworthy scrap metal—Nardi takes things a step further, getting their hands on a batch of HY-80 marine steel from the decommissioned HMS Cornwall that will be melted down and forged into blocks destined for 5-axis CNC machines in the UK. This steel will be used to produce its case, caseback and crown.

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